Mairlist 3.1 Version: 10001 version - community licence

Dear Torben Weibert,

We are a small community radio.
We would like use your community product mAirlist 3.1. Version: 10001

How can we download the Community Edition license?

Please help me .


The Community Edition is no longer available.

Also, it was only for personal home users.

Are you a “real” station, with a studio shared by multiple people, or do you run the station from your home?

We are a small community non-profit real station.
We are volunteers, unfortunately, we have no money.

What do you suggest?
Can you help us?

Thank you very much!

If you have absolutely no money, you are out of luck. (But how do you pay for the rest of your studio equipment then?)

If you have at least some money, please get in touch by e-mail again so that we can see what I can offer.

Hello Dear Torben Weibert,
I am new here, so Hello to All.

I want to ask if it is possible to get a license for the community edition for private use only?

I do not need a full version or a professional edition. I just want to play with the software in my private house, I dont need to have internet connection to stream anything.
All I want is to have to get in touch with the software without the limitation of closing all 30 minutes.
If that is not possible, maybe it were possible to get 60 minutes instead of only 30, I would be happy.
Thank you.

Version 3 licenses are no longer offered. I make a living from selling this software, so I rely on the money from the license sales. No exceptions, sorry.

The Home licenses are made for you, whether you stream or not. The cheapest is €29 (Home Player).