mAirList 2.2.2 released

Version 2.2.2 (08 Jan 2009)

[-] Cannot edit cart stack
[-] Fixed bug in JvID3v2 library causing mAirList to write invalid ID3v2 tags
[+] Comments can be saved into eldoDB
[-] Progress bar causing errors for infinite stream items
[-] Disabled the changes to auto-cue introduced in v2.2.1 which seemed to
cause errors. You can still enable them with AutoCueSetPos=false in
[-] Access Violation when fading out Silence items
[-] PLAYLIST x MARKASPLAYED does not unload player
[-] Title bar shows “untitled” after using “Save Desktop as”
[+] skin.ini: new player setting “BackgroundColor”
[+] Track number imported from ID3v2