mAirList 2.1.9

Version 2.1.9 (2007-01-30

[+] Cart player stack support (experimental). Right click a cart player
to edit its stack, and drag items from the browsers into it.
If the player is empty, the first item from the stack will be loaded
into it automatically. This also happens when a cart player is
stopped or closed by the CLOSE command or button. mAirList will display
the number of items in the stack in the status line of the player.
[] Cartwall XML format changed in order to support stacks.
Pre-2.1.8 cartsets and desktop files can be loaded, but not vice versa.
[+] New command: AUTOMATION x BREAK, will break automation playback after
current item.
[+] Streams and silence can be loaded thru M3U files:
#mAirList STREAM [] http://url:port
Set stream duration to “-” for unlimited playback.
] RUNSCRIPT accepts relative filenames
[-] Error message on loading M3U playlists with missing items with
Auto Cue/Fade etc. enabled.
[-] eldoDB: Access Violation on loading playlist
[-] “PFL …” commands not working
[-] BASS.DLL: BASS_STREAM_PRESCAN ignored unless using File Management
[-] BASS.DLL: File Management ignored for software mixing output
[-] mAirListTag: File Management and BASS_STREAM_PRESCAN ignored
[-] PFL dialog: PLAY/PAUSE switching doesn’t work for BASS software mixing
[-] Scripts: CurrentPlaylist/CurrentPlaybackControl cause Range Check Error
when invoked from the Event Scheduler
[-] Item Properties form: “Exclude from backtiming” not saved
[-] Invalid Pointer Operation in automation mode with single player