mAirList 2.1.43 released

Version 2.1.43 (2008-02-17)

[] New “screen object” concept succeeding the former clock, date etc. objects.
See forum post for details.
[-] Player colors and other colors not loaded from skin.ini
[-] Clicking into playlist for PFL or links does not work
] Downgraded Virtual Treeview to 4.4.3
[-] Network/SOAP interface not working
[-] Cartwall: “Phantom” Close button
[+] Support for IO-Warrior 56
[-] File Management does not release files on close
[+] Player: New option “Use PFL device only during playback”
(allows you to re-route the PFL signal to ordinary output when idle)
[] Extra PFL dialog: “Start/Stop PFL” button only visible when not run
in “Properties” mode
[-] Duration always “0” when logging to file at player stop
[-] Stop logging occurs twice for cart players
] Playlist: Redraw speed optimizations when using skin.ini
[] General code cleanup
[+] BASS.DLL Configuration: New option “ignore speaker arrangement”.
Can prevent mixed up speaker order.
[+] Config: BASS.DLL: “Force multichannel output” ignored
[-] OTF Database: “Save to database” button disabled after inserting item
from database search browser
[-] BASS.DLL Error 37 when using multiple speakers with ASIO or software mixing
] Config: “Test” button does now work not only once for ASIO and software mixing
[+] Support for accessing SAM4 databases
[-] Access Violation when an HTTP stream is interrupted
[-] Access Violation when using MIDI
[-] Stream playback does not work when BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT active
[+] mAirListScript: Imported Delphi function “FileExists”
[+] File Logging: new option “overwrite existing log file”
[+] mAirListTag: Properties dialog uses all available vertical space
[-] PLAYLIST x EXTRAPFL OFF not working
[] Revised logging variables, a complete listing is now available in the Wiki:
] Cleaned up handling and playing of containers
[] Playlist scrollbar more accurate
[+] Date and time written into exception dialog
[+] New commmand BROWSER FOCUS
] Made many BROWSER … commands operational, there are still some missing though
[-] Playlist: Cue In ignored in Ramp display
[+] Location of all configuration files shown in About dialog
[+] New file import option: Strip leading and trailing whitespace from tag data
[] Auto Cue performance increased by up to 25%
[-] Playlist: Live Backtiming ignores internal clock
] The “interfaces” and “types” parts of the scripting documentation
(mAirListScript.chm) are now extracted from the original source files,
which means that they are always current and complete.
[] Playlist item icons are now by default stored as REFERENCES in MMD files
and playlists, i.e., only the filename is stored but not the binary data.
If you want to save the binary data instead, hold Shift while clicking
the Select Icon button in the Properties dialog.
[-] Hour Countdown and Event Countdown: Rounding error, 1 second ahead actual time
[-] Exception when loading playlist with a startup notification script
[-] Massive exceptions when using incompatible PNG files (256 color)
] Default directories now stored in defaultdirectories.ini
[+] Prepared some new cool features you still don’t imagine :wink:
[-] PFL dialog: Ctrl/Shift sometimes ignored when clicking +/-
[-] Player: “Show ramp when idle” always active
[-] Tilde with decimal part ignored