mAirList 1.5.40

Today, only a small update. Most notably, you can now define distinct fonts for the player Title/Name/State/Time labels on a per-player-state (Empty, Loaded, Playing, Fade, Error, Paused, PFL, Next) basis, for example


sets an ugy color for the title font in the “loaded” state. You can still use “TitleFont”, “NameFont” etc. without the prefix for setting default values for all states.


1.5.40 (2006-10-20)

  • Player: Schriftart kann für alle Zustände frei definiert werden:
    • EmptyTitleFont, LoadedTitleFont, PlayingTitleFont, FadeTitleFont,
      ErrorTitleFont, PausedTitleFont, PFLTitleFont, NextTitleFont
    • das gleiche für Name, Time und State
  • neue Notification Types: ntPlayerPFLOn, ntPlayerPFLOff
  • BugFix: PFL geht nicht wieder aus während der Automation

Thanks for the update…

Are you sure that “Loaded” works ? I couldn’t see any difference on my font colours until I removed “Loaded” from each config line on layout.ini - mAirList then used that colour for a loaded/un-loaded deck.

I experienced the same problem. Then I noticed that the player was in NEXT state, so it didn’t take the “Loaded” but the “Next” settings. You will have to set the “Next” fonts as well.