M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Have you applied an extra record delay, aka “ExtraSleep”, as discussed here?


[quote=“Torben, post:21, topic:5776”]Have you applied an extra record delay, aka “ExtraSleep”, as discussed here?


Will give it a try. This is the 1010LT card with W7 64 bit drivers but NO independent option sadly.

I have this driver version and panel version 1.03.26 - 2.6.00 and this version does have the independent option. Check your version and if needed download from website

Hi Mike,
the version you mention is listed under Win2000 drivers on M-Audio Website. Are you sure it can work on Win7 64Bit?
I can imagine using these drivers on XP but not on Vista or Win7, because Microsoft changed the Audio Drivers completely.

I own 2 of these cards as well, but didn’t put them to my production computer yet, because of known problems.
So I’m interested how others solve the problems, even if I can’t try the solution at the moment.

Kind Regards

sorry, should have mentioned it’s running on XP SP3… :-[

Hello Mike,
at least we now know the Win2000 drivers do work in XP SP3. For me this is a very important point, maybe I should not go for Win7. My old Production computer is running XP, but I thought of going for a new one. So I’d better just kick out that Realtek peace of crap and put in the M-Audio cards.