Loudness Normalization

Hi, I’m new to mAirList. I am testing the software and would like to know if there is any way to apply loudness normalisation to the files so that they are reproduced at the same level.
If so, what are the steps to apply it?

Thanks in advance

To start with:

Go to Database browser > Double click song > choose tab Playback >

Now when you click on “Normalize” the song will be normalised. Repeat this for each song and levels will be quit the same.


Thanks for your answer.

The normalization option applies peak leveling. I understand that.
But peak level itself does not translate into perceived loudness.

I would like to know if there is an option to use R128 Loudness Normalisation for leveling.

Does it exist as a external vsp pluging? Then you should be able to use it.

Double klik on a audio file you get the 7 tabs (last wave editor) seccond is audio file.
All the way down audio levels press button analyze and you get peak true peak and r128 Loudness

AFAIK this is a placeholder for using the value in a later mAirList version. Torben mentioned it in the german forum. Actually you can determine the value in the database (e.g. with mass tagging), but actually it has no effect.

The best option seems to use replaygain instead.

Is there now a way to playback using the replay gain or R128 value?

I want to play back everything at R128 and not the true peak of the files. Is that possible (in the same way Foobar2000 will replay at the replay gain level)?

Yes. The posts before were written in July 2018, it was the time of mAirList v6.1.
Since v6.2 mAirList can normalize according to EBU R 128 (-23 LUFS / -1 dBTP).

From v6.0 on there was the possibility to scan audio for loudness values without normalization, but it’s needed for normalization. This is basically needed for the calculation.
Example: Loudness -10 LUFS, amplification -13 LUFS. :wink:

So you can change the normalization method in the configuration / control panel and re-calculate it through mass-tagging.

Ahh so v6.2 does with the R128 value what previous versions automatically did with Replaygain.

Got it! No wonder I was confused :slight_smile:

This might be helpful: https://wiki.mairlist.com/release:start

… especially https://wiki.mairlist.com/release:mairlist-6.2#r_128_normalization :wink: