loop a playlist

Hi all, one I think for the script writers.

The problem is to loop playlists for each day of varying lengths, ideally the script needs embedding in a playlist to run at that point.

We could if we knew thelenghts just append the playlist via the event scheduler - but the lengths differ.

The current solution is to have the same jingle at the end of each daily playlist and open the jingles properties. In options create and save an action appending the relevant playlist. Its important on this file to save this to the metadata. It seems to loop again at this point.

I’ve only just tried this and have left things running to see if all goes well.

Any takers in writing a better solution?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards Tony

The only “loop” function for mAirList I could imagine would be re-appending all played items to the end of the playlist rather than moving them into the recycle bin. That shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Thanks Torben, your suggestion would be ideal. My trick with a jingle works, ideally a jingle for each day could also solve the issue. Call the jingles monday_loop.mp3 etc

Kind Regards Tony