Looking for a new mixer with mAirList

Hi again UliNobbe :blush:
Hopefully I can try that new setup later this week - as an aside - what do you think of this:
Is this any good and would it work with mAirlst? #justwondered :thinking:

I have read many interesting things about the RødeCaster pro, especially from podcasters (and I think, that is the preferred market it has been designed for). That does not exclude live streaming (audio and video), but in combination with mAirlist?

Sure, that will work - not fully, but on a small basis mAirList and the RødeCaster pro will send and receive audio signals - like it does with any other analog mixer.

Dear @RadioCate, at the beginning you wrote:

… and that’s what I’m referring to now.

  • You know best what you need and what you want to do.
  • You define your goals and how you want to achieve them.
  • Only you know, which audio device / mixer / microphone / headphone etc. fits best to your personal requirements.

I have no idea, who told you something about this device for broadcasting purposes or why you ask here when you are not really informed on this device (this is my impression, to be honest).

Are you seriously convinced that you want to work with the RødeCaster pro?
Great! But: Why? How? What do you want to know especially?
How can the mAirList community help you?

On a minimum basis (!) mAirlist will work with each analog audio device.
The only question is: Can the audio device correspond with all the features mAirList offers you and are you willing to use them or not?

It is your decision what you use from mAirList - and how you get the best benefit out of this great software.
However, I can not make that decision for you, but I can tell you about my experience (as many other mAirList users, too). Learn from our experiences, but please don’t copy & paste them. :wink:

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Had the chance to try it hands-on on the NAB last week.

Great device for the purpose it was built for (podcast production). Also nice for outside broadcasts (has a built-in bluetooth interface with mix-minus).

Not suitable for on-air operation as it only as a single USB stereo line in (and for mAirList, you would definitely want two or three separate player inputs).

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Webstation or Airlite by D&R https://www.d-r.nl/webstation.html

They are quite good mixers but I never would recommed a specific product but this very informative Post from @Tondose Recommendations for mixing consoles

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