Loging next song - but without jingles

I wanna show the next song playing to our RDS and I have created log variables to show that data and to log only Music. But, the problem occurs when the next on the playlist is a jingle or some other element.

So, when 2 songs are in the playlist - it works okay, but when a jingle or show or something is in the next position - problems.

I have also tried to add additional variable so if playing all except music to show %++a and %++b but it doesn’t work…

Can this be fixed? Maybe there is some other command than %+a and %+b?

Shouldn’t it be possible to use the filters here to say that only items with the type “Music” should be saved?
Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot in hand. But under “Filters” this should be found.

I have done it. But, as next item isn’t “Music” it shows empty spaces.

Thats why I added second log variable to show second next if next isn’t music… but it doesnt work.

Here are the screens…

So why do you untick the item type music? To log solely music items you should tick music and untick all the others.


I did. And it works if next item is Music. If not, it display blank value where condition is %+a and %+b.

Thats why I added second condition if item isn’t music to show %++a and %++b but without success.

Ah, now I got it! Should be scriptable. What are your logging variables you are using right now?

I have logging for the current song in one file with selected Music and line: “%a - %b”.
The second file is for the next song with selected music and the line “Slijedi %+a s pjesmom %+b”.
The third line on the same file is with selected all but Music and the line “Slijedi %++a s pjesmom %++b”.

Thank you. Stand by a little while please as I am rather busy at the moment.

This should work for a start. Make sure you’re logging

  • the current song with „%R{Data1}“,

  • the following son with „%R{Data2}“ and

  • the next but one with „%R{Data3}“.

Log3Times 1.0.mls (1,5 KB)

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Thank you @Tondose. I will implement this tonight.
So, where the log file.txt should show the current playing song just ads " %R{Data1}" and for the next song “%R{Data2}” - without quotation?
I’m looking forward to test this ASAP.

I haven’t asked what logging items I must select - only Music or some other combination?

Please try only music items. So far you are right.

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Tested it… doesn’t work. The output file is empty.

Any errors in the system log?

Please apply a delay of 1 second (in the tab Options).

I added the delay - nothing.
Also, in the sys log - nothing is wrong, no error.

Please activate all item types.

I can try that at late tonight. The playout is active on-air.

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BIG BIG SORRY!!! It works. We have a show on assist and it went blank. Now it works.
But, can I ask you just to make a correction. Instead on both + and ++ now says “Slijedi…” - is it possible to say “Slijedi %+a s pjesmom %+b” and for second song to say “Nakon toga %++a i pjesma %++b”… :slight_smile:

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