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still getting the feel for Marlist so far i love it, i am trying to set up the logging for my website (hosted with Aiir) i have contacted them an they have replied with this: Hi Danny

You need to add the title attribute. It may be best to seek further help from the team at mAirList to find out why you’re unable to do that.


Hope someone can help!

Also is it possible to add sweepers to tracks & save them for rotation?

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If your asking about why it appears %20 change from http-post logging to http-get logging and also make sure your script get the correct data.

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But yes, you do need to added the title option in mAirList Logging.

First up, as Patrik suggested it’s better to use HTTP GET.

Once you’ve done that, in the General tab of your new HTTP GET command, add the parameter artist with the value of %a, and then a second parameter of title with the value of %b.

I also recommend ticking the “Use UTF-8 encoding” option, just in case the Title or Artist fields have non-ISO characters in them.

That should solve the problem for you, and mAirList will push both the Artist and Title via a HTTP GET request.

hi, thanks for your replies i have done as you said but still getting the same you can view here: http://www.energy106.co.uk/music/

As a reference, this is my setup in mAirList for sending to the website:

If you’re still having issues, then it could be the code on the website.

For that you need something like this:

$data = $_GET;

// Do we actually have any data?
if (empty($data)) return FALSE;

// Filter out req array element

// Clean up spaces in the artist and title values
$data['artist'] = trim($data['artist']);
$data['title']  = trim($data['title']);

Obviously, you need to do some filtering there to make sure the data is safe, which I do on my own site. I also only accept incoming requests from my studio’s IP address, as an extra safety check.

Hopefully that’ll help you out. I’m now off to get a cup of tea, as it’s 3:26 am here :smiley:

I just visited your webpage, and saw the %20 on files again, Make sure UTF-8 is set on the document aswell the code in your HTML / PHP pages.

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The %20 is the encoded value of a space, and normally occurs when you past data via URL parameters.

Two ways to fix this, 1) Use $_GET in your PHP code when receiving the data, as I demonstrated in my previous post. If that doesn’t work, and it should in modern PHP, then 2) Use urldecode() on the incoming data, which does the same thing.

Hope that helps.

Hi Matt

How do I get the extra parameter field in to configure logging



Click into one of the current parameters, and press the Down Arrow/Cursor

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