Logging to website via HTTP POST / HTTP GET


Using mAirList v3.1.7 b968 I use the HTTP POST logging to send details of items with several types (Advertising, Sponsorship, etc) to an online script and this works well.

Most of the music which is played out has an item type of Music, but sometimes songs are played which haven’t had the type set - normally songs on a specialist music programme, so a notification script is used instead for logging music.

The script posted on the forums checks the duration of the item (if longer than 90 seconds, but shorter than 7 minutes it is assumed to be music), and then logs the item regardless of the item type. This works OK using HTTPGET in the script, but if the artist or title contains an ampersand (the & symbol), then it doesn’t log correctly, as described here for mAirList v4.

I would prefer just to use the HTTP POST logging, but this would not be triggered for several hours per day when the music doesn’t have the correct item type of Music.

I had thought of using HTTP POST for item types Unknown/not set and Music, and then checking for the duration of the item in the serverside PHP script (again, above 90 seconds but less than 7 minutes), but I can’t see a duration logging parameter for ‘when starting an item’.

Are there any ways around this?

Many thanks,