Log output to audio processor

Hi, im trying to understand the LOG function for http such as

I have a local processor which I wish to pass artist/title to as a text value on the line above.
Any examples as to how to pass parameters please. say %a etc

Thanks - Adrian

Why don’t you use a *.txt-file instead where the entry is overwritten which each changing of the element (it remains one line only)?

It seems that you want to produce it for RDS purposes?


Go to config -> Logging, add “HTTP GET”.

Enter base URL and parameters (use arrow-down key to create more rows in the table).

Use variables from here: https://wiki.mairlist.com/reference:logging_variables

The URL looks a bit strange though. Typically there should be a ? sign where the parameter lists start. Can you verify that?

here is a test I have:

This shows ‘test’ on RDS in BreakawayONE which im testing with

I guess an example would work for me. I have added 2 lines for parameters:
parameter. value
artist %a
title. %b

I cant see how the values are supposed to get to the URL.

There is clearly some basic understanding here im lacking