Locking down mAirList

Can anyone tell me how to lock down mAirList so that it is only possible to select audio files for playing and not change the data associated with them in the mp3 file or mld (or indeed any of mAirList important settings)

I am trying to prevent idle thumbs doing any damage !!!



Ron, there are certainly some options in Config to ‘grey out’/disable the Save buttons in the various PFL/tagging dialogs, as a starter.


Hi Ron, then try hiding the ON AIR config and tag editing tools in another folder.

Also make sure you have a backup of config, skins and position (if used) ini files.

Kind Regards tony

Thanks for the comments so far. I have not forgotten this challenge and will be following it up soon (when I clear all the other things I want to do).
Watch this space …

Well, it has taken me a while to take up this challenge again but the recent discussion on hiding directories has prompted me to ask if any thoughts have been given to any sort of access control (admin/user ‘accounts’) on the forthcoming mAirList v3?


Hi Ron, I believe Torben will introduce user rights in version 3.

Some of the features I have asked for are here:


Please add your own or suggest alternatives for anything I have commented on.

Kind regards tony

Yes, there are plans for this feature. Perhaps I will somehow link it to the new mAirListDB (which needs different user levels as well).

I won’t promise to include into any particular version though.

Thanks guys.

I just knew there would be another thread on this subject but could I find it …

But then again 6 weeks was a long time ago when you have the memory of a goldfish!

Oh, Lord! Let’s not perpetuate the myth that goldfish have short memory spans: it’s just not true!

Sorry … what was I saying again?!! :wink:

Seriously though folks (!), six weeks is a long time in a lively Forum like this one.


No, lets not. But on this subject, new research suggests 3 months. :-\


… thus beating my own typical memory by something like 89 days … :’(


Glad I’m not the only person who wants to do this!

I used a combination of turning unwanted features off in .ini files and covering (or nearly covering) other features with images or text boxes.

I understand however there is no way to disable access to right mouse button clicks though. I was thinking though if I made the .ini files read-only it may help preserve settings (we could tell presenters to close and re-open application to restore normal working). I have not tested this yet though.

My “simple live-assist” layout with minimum extra features is here: