'Locked' items in a playlist


Is it possible to ‘lock’ items in a playlist so that they cannot be removed or altered from the mAirlist GUI?

I have set up a 24h playlist with News in, News and News out entries every hour. It should be possible for the user to add/alter/remove any audio items between these entries but not to change or remove these entries.

Is this possible with the current software or should I add this to the wishlist?



This is not possible currently. May I consider this a feature request? :wink:

You may indeed. Thanks.

Thinking about it, perhaps the ‘locked’ element shoul apply further than the GUI as it would be useful for scripting purposes to know that an item should not be removed.

On the other hand, the automation will have to be able to delete it, so the lock may not be “too deep inside”.

I think I will implement it as one of the playlist item options. A script can easily read those.

Sounds good - locked in the GUI and flagged to scripts.

(I know this is a pointless post but I wanted to get my 100th post and move on from Newbie! ;D )

As Torben says, it’s not currently possible to do that as such.

One workaround which gets close is to have a scheduled script which runs at (say) xx:59:25, which should be LOADS of time to ‘shove’ the fixed time items into the Playlist so that they all do their ‘top of hour’ thing correctly, but much too close to on-air time for anyone to be able to manually ‘bin’ them (deliberately or otherwise). You would tweak the :25 to a ‘sensible’ value for the speed/power of your playout PC.

So, your log/Playlist doesn’t contain the Fixed Time/other top-of-hour Items; those get ‘injected’ on-the-fly by a scheduled mAirList script. (Yes, I’ve already written a script to do that! And yes, it’s been available here in the Forum for some months now.)

IMHO, this is about as ‘bombproof’ as you can make it in mAirList v2.2.



Certainly worth a try - any pointers to where the script is on the forum?


Ron, you’ll find the AdsAndNews script here: