Local PC Config with Network mAirList

Hi All,

I’m devising an mAirList configuration for a radio station with multiple studios.

All audio, and most of the settings will be common to all workstations. So in my intitial experiments they start mAirList with the “-rootfolder” parameter pointing to a network share, so the appearance and behaviour is the same. All is as expected.

But there are some things we need to set locally to each machine. I can see solutions to some issues, but not others :-

  • Auto / Assist mode - that could be saved to a local file by a script, and activated (or not) by OnLoad in a background script.

  • Audio Devices - the PCs may have different hardware, with or without multiple devices. So the device configuration will have to be unique. Is there some way to maintain a local copy of “devices.ini”?

  • System Log - while it’s possible to custom set the path, the actual path setting is stored in logging.ini that lives in the general config folder, which we’d like to have as common.

One workaround I’ve contemplated is storing a global common config on the server. On each PC the mAirList desktop icon initially fires a script that downloads those global files, over-writing the local copies. Files for local settings are not over-written, but just protected as required. The script would then start mAirList.

It’s rather clunky, but it may do the job. If there’s a more elegant way to have this “hybrid” arrangement I’d be really interested to know how.



There are some undocumented features to re-route configuration (and other stuff) to different folders. I use it during development to switch between multiple configurations quickly.

But I don’t think it works on a per-ini-file basis yet. Let me know if you need that and I’ll see what I can do.

Hi Torben,

I didn’t initially see your reply here, so just moved on to other issues. Should have checked again!

So my plan at this point is basically what I described - the global common config on the server, and then each workstation takes what it needs to go along with its local settings.

We’d certainly be interested to know about any inbuilt features in mAirList to handle multiple configs. Apart from the server / workstation blend, we also plan to have various configs optimised for different purposes. I suspect we’ll build a Powershell front end for that (with passwords, etc) unless something neater comes along.