Load mairlistdb playlist from other station

Hello all,

For a very specific need, I would like to know of it’s possible, with only one mairlist playout instance (which contains 2 playlists objects), to load playlist from mairlistDB station 1 in the first playlist object, and to load other playlist from mairlistDB station 2 in the second playlist object ?
Not very sure because playout is, I think, only linked to one station…
But as I read here on this forum, from Torben, that multi-station is different from multi-insrance, I guess it would be possible anyway…

And if it is, is it available with scripts ? With commands ?


Are the stations located at different IP / computers with a dB-Server each?


It’s on one unique computer. One unique playout.
I have a working solution (using scripts and only one station), but it would be more handy if I can manage 2 stations. But with one playout…
So is my question…

Nobody knows ?
As soon as I come back from holidays, I will make tries to found out if it’s possible :smiling_face:

Ok. For not letting this request without answer…

After several tries, it’s not possible. As the playout is linked with a station ID, all loading playlists are only about this station.

And no script methods seems to use station ID parameter…


Hi Theo,

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. You have one playout with two playlists.
Both can use the database, So what exactly is the problem that needs to be solved?

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Hi Uli,

I would like to be able to load automatically, for the first playlist object, playlist from the default station and, using the event manager, to load (at some times), playlist for the second station in the second playlist object.

But I found that I could use sub-playlist which help me to achieve that.

PS: I’ve just written my licence number in my profile :smiling_face:

I can’t see any problem here.

You can create an event fo each single playlist and define, which sub-playlist from the database should be used for which playlist in the playout window.

In first thought, I imagined that it would be better to use multi station (without multi instance function). But it was before I read documentation about sub playlist.

That’s it !