Live to server

Hi Torben

The only thing what is puzzeling me is that when we are live situation the studio will automaticly connect to our auto dj on our shoutcast server.
So will the then the server disconected while the studio is connected ? Or do i need to stream directly to the 2003 server.

Or if you know another solution it would be great. Because the delay in shoutcast it would be better when the studio automaticly connected to the whm shoutcast server



All instances stream directly to the Shoutcast server, and you have to kick the other source from it when you want to go live. Shoutcast doesn’t offer any other convenient solution.

What types of streams mairlist understand ? Example: ?

or do we have to set ip differntly


Hi Goos, if you are streaming as Torben suggested using the shoutcast encoder mAirList will output to the encoder once the parameters are set.

The use of an asx file is for the listeners browser to open the correct media player at their end *edit(unless you embed wmp in a web page).*edit

An example of an asx file:[code] Live Stream Example radio ©2005 [/code]

Kind Regards Tony