Listing of skin.ini entries

Hello all-

I’ve been working on my skini.ini file. I’m curious whether the Wiki example (linked) lists ALL of the possible entries or whether there are additional enties listed elsewhere.

Best Regards, Alec M…

The Wiki article seems to be somewhat outdated. The official manual will contain a more complete reference.

There is no “list” of skin.ini entries though, because it would be far too long - in particular for the playlist row colors, there’s so many possible combinations. Generally, the format for row color entries is

[History][Player State][Item Class]RowColor



The same applies to the various playlist fonts.

You may want to have a look at the translated German Wiki article on playlist skins:


Thank you for the information, which did help. The German Wiki was especially helpful by explaining how the entries are assembled.

Regards, Alec M…