linking audio in playlist

Hi Torben, I’m still testing version of mAirList so this may be fixed.

When trying to link items in the playlist it takes several clicks in the space relevant before items are linked as indicated by the blue arrow (in default layouts). there is also a tendency for the properties dialog to open during the attempt to link items.

Also multiple arrows might appear when you have only linked 1 item.

Trying to clear the arrows results again in the properties dialog openning.

Kind Regards Tony

Yes, this issue has been addressed already.

I think you should upgrade to the latest version or snapshot, a lot of bugs have been fixed since the initial released.

Cheers Torben, also noticed a problem when streaming.

When a stream is playing it follows the information in properties and displays the correct info. However if the stream is dropped, on resume the info displayed is incorrect.

In my example the line, Queen - Radio Ga Ga is added to the title info (which also displays the correct title in brackets).

Kind Regards tony