Linked Icons

Hi there,

I was wondering is this possible to change? Now it’s not working in version 7.1.10. Where to put the Linked.svg and NotLinked.svg (or the good names for the icons)

I saw a post feature of linked icons in version 6.1.3 that was png files.

I was putting the icons in a map called “link” or in the images map. But no result.


Hi All,

I found the solution.

In the map of Images
C:/program files(x86)/mairlist7/images/ you make a map and you give it the name: (playlist) than you put 3 svg files in the map playlist.


And that’s it!


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Are the parentheses part of the map’s name?

Hi @Tondose,

Without the ()

Only: playlist

Cheers! Frank

Thank you!