Licensing transfer question

Hi there.

My home studio license is activated on a PC that I currently do not have access to (due to it being repaired right now). I’ve seen that it’s possible to transfer licenses to different PCs, so I was wondering if there’s any type of limit on this.

I’m hoping to get my main PC back in a few weeks, so I’m wondering whether I’m able to transfer my license to this backup computer, and when I get my main computer back I can switch the licenses back over without any issue?

Hope this makes sense!

It’s best to contact license questions directly

support [at]


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Sure. :sunglasses:

Please open the customer area, My Licenses (, klick on “Details” next to the license and scroll down where you can reset your license.
Then you can download mAirList to the backup computer and activate your license on it using the License Manager.
When the repaired computer returns to you, please do the same procedure.

It can happen that a reset is refused automatically and you can activate a so-called “Emergency License”. The support will be notified and reset your license with admin rights.
Please dont use this procedure too often (e.g. “just for fun”).
Thank you.

Some things can be solved by our customers without contacting the support.
Take a look in your customer area, it’s quite interesting there! :wink:

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