License 6

I use the mairlist 6 pro version.
This week I tested the db server function with a aircast demo and got it working.
Now I need a license for a version on the laptop but mairlist home talks only about version 7 and if I got it wright I need a version 6.
Question: can I still buy a license for a second 6 home version or do I have to look for a second hand home version?


Oh, before there is a misunderstanding, please contact for further assistance.

When I got the upgrade to prof I used the demo version on the laptop, for testing.
When I tried a demo this week it says the demo has been used.
Sind I got the Airence Iā€™m on a mailing list from D&r and one the mails was aircast thats why , and it works.

Bought the license from somebody that stopt the radio hobby.

What steps to take to change the name and mail adres from the license?

I will answer you from the support mail system (tomorrow), then we can transfer the license.
Thank you.
(end of work :beers:)

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