Layouts Mairlist 4.0

Hello Everyone!

I Just wanna show you what A layout can do to Mairlist 4.0.

After a little time this is my layout what i’m using at my home studio.
Take a looke at the jpg.

I hope you like it!

Greetz, Frank

Mairlist Screen 1 & 2.JPG

Nice job, inspired by Dalet? :slight_smile:

Currently also working on a design somewhat similar, which is inspired on Dalet. Will post some pics here soon.

this is how i did it :slight_smile:


By the way, the latest v4.0 snapshots add an “XML layout” mechanism which can be used to customize the appearance of the players. It’s described in the Wiki:

There’s a thread in the German forums with a few examples (on page 2):,5458.0.html