Layout For Mairlist

Hello, I am Currently Using 2.2.2 (Can’t Afford Anything else)

I was recently browsing Google and came across this image of mairlist:

Can someone please tell me how this is done? Is it possible. Thanks Harry

Btw I am Quite new to scripting layout etc so Will need to be very easy to follow. Thanks again

Hello, and welcome to the Forum!

The mAirList image you referred to is mainly a carefully pre-designed ‘background’ image created in a graphics program, with ‘blank spots’ in the image where the elements created by mAirList (playlist, browser, date, progress bar etc.) are drawn on top. Think old-fashioned video arcade machine, or pinball backglass, and you’ve got the idea.

The physical layout of the mAirList items is pretty easy, done through the configuration program (to choose what ‘things’ you want to display) and the Layout program (which is visual, so you can easily grab, move, and resize everything).

The appearance (colours, fonts, font sizes, etc., etc.) of the mAirList items is a little more difficult, but only a little. To change this, you have to manually edit text files (INI files), and ideally you need to know HTML colour codes (such as #800080 is a dark lilac or purple). Even if you don’t know this colour code system, there are 101 freeware apps. that can show you how to ‘write’ any colour you like in this format. None of this is rocket science, beyond knowing the correct ‘names’ to use in your INI file!

Take a look at the ‘show us your designs’ topic(s) to get an idea of what’s possible. In some cases, you can download the files used to create a particular ‘look,’ which will help you understand all this. Or of course you could check the mAirList user manual (view it here: and read through, oh I don’t know, maybe section 8? :wink:

Please feel free to ask about any of this that you don’t follow, and I’ll do my best to explain it!


Sorry, just realised you’re using v2. I’m fairly sure that you can’t use a background image in v2, unfortunately. It’s been quite a while since I used that version.