Large Fonts Appeared!

I can’t replicate this, so I suppose this post will be of no use to Torben whatsoever… I’ll decsribe what I did, but it only happened once - and it’s not happened again:

Cart 1 (of 3) started manually… Audio played to near-end, Next pressed - Item faded and started Cart 2 with the next Playlist item - but the fading Cart 1 item showed-up in the Playlist with really large fonts until it had faded and was removed.

Weird, eh ?!

How did you initially load the cart players? By drag & drop from the playlist?

It was a pre-scheduled playlist, loaded from an “Actions” script. But the first item was actually an “Insert” item.

Ah - first of all, you are talking about ordinary (playlist-assigned) players here, not about cart players, right?

There is a distinct font for fading items, FadeFont. Unless you customize it in skin.ini, it should be the same shape and size as the default playlist font. Do you have any “FadeFont*” settings in your skin.ini? If not, it might be an initialization error.


Oh blimey - More font settings!

No, just FadeColour for the Players. The Playlist column was the bit that went to a large font, not the Player. Player1-1 was the actual object.

I would usually call it a Cart Deck/Player, but let’s not confuse that with the CartWall !

All of the new font and color settings are documented in the Wiki:

The problem you mentioned is not reproducable, is it?


Correct - It was a one-off event, really odd - but not seen since !

hmmm…maybe mairlist is learning from its own mistakes and fixing them? We better watch out…it might turn on the americans next :lol:

The “large” fonts thing is back with v18… Any “played” items appear larger, along with DUMMY items. Here’s my skin.ini

[Playlist0] ToolbarFontName=Arial Narrow ToolbarFontSize=14 ToolbarFontStyle=1 ColWidths=35,85,460,85,60,45,30 PlayerNameFontName=MS Sans Serif PlayerNameFontSize=8 PlayerNameFontStyle=1 BacktimingFontName=MS Sans Serif BacktimingFontSize=8 BacktimingFontStyle=1 FontName=MS Sans Serif FontSize=10 FontStyle=0 CommentFontName=MS Sans Serif CommentFontSize=8 CommentFontStyle=0 ProgressBarHeight=0 ProgressBarRemainColor=#CFF8CF ProgressBarRampColor=#FF0000 ProgressBarElapsedColor=#990000 ProgressBarColor=#000000

History items have their own set of fonts, so you would need to add

HistoryPlayerNameFontName=MS Sans Serif HistoryPlayerNameFontSize=8 HistoryPlayerNameFontStyle=1 HistoryBacktimingFontName=MS Sans Serif HistoryBacktimingFontSize=8 HistoryBacktimingFontStyle=1 HistoryFontName=MS Sans Serif HistoryFontSize=10 HistoryFontStyle=0 HistoryCommentFontName=MS Sans Serif HistoryCommentFontSize=8 HistoryCommentFontStyle=0

There is also a “HistoryRowColor” setting for the background color. Sorry, this is not documented so far.

In the previous versions, the HistoryFlag was already in use, but automatic clean-up was enabled by default and couldn’t be turned off, so you wouldn’t encounter any history items during normal operation. The flashing you saw was in the short moment when the flag was set but the item was not deleted from the list yet.


You can Change it with:


Lg; Mike

Thankyou Mike and Torben - that’s fixed it!