Keyboard shortcuts


Are there keyboard shortcuts for

  • Play
  • Stop
  • Next
  • Automation Breakpoint

And do these work in Assist and Auto mode?

Thank you

You can define those shortcuts via
[tt]Configuration > Remote Control > Add… > Hotkeys (local or system-wide)[/tt]

Here you select a hotkey you prefer for the function needed, add it to the list and select from the drop-down menu the corresponding command.
Please find out which of the commands from [tt]Automation[/tt], [tt]Player [number][/tt] or [tt]Playlist[/tt] comes closest to your requirements.

Hello Uli Nobbe,

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I am trying to define a shortcut for play, but mAirList won’t let me click in the “Shortcut” box.
It will allow me to type in the “Command Box”, and when I press the “Add” button a dialogue box appears saying “Select a key first”.

Am I missing something?

Thanks again,


Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.45.14 am.png

Hi Steven,

maybe there’s a small misunderstanding.

See screenshots (with explanations :wink: )

The “Command Box” is nothing to type in. You have to choose commands from a list when a shortkey combination is selected (and added to the list).

I hope the screenshots will help you.
Good luck!

v6.1 Hotkey config (1).png

v6.1 Hotkey config (2).png

v6.1 Hotkey config (3).png

Hello Uli Nobbe,

I think I’m slowly getting there :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to get into the configuration thanks to your help.

What command should I be using? There are so many! ;D

Thank you again Uli Nobbe.

Screen Shot A.png

Screen Shot B.png

Hi Tuesdaydrive,
the one you have selected should be good.
You can have multiple Playlists with individual players in mAirlist.

PLAYER 1-2 means 2nd player of the first playlist.
PLAYER 1-1 means 1st player
PLAYER 1-3 means 3rd player (if you have that configured)

The number of available players is only limited by your hardware.
And than you have the functions for that player, like PLAY/PAUSE, PLAY, STOP, RESET whatever there also is.
If you choose somtething like PLAY/PAUSE, it will toggle between these both states, while it will run into STOP once the file ends.

I’d suggest not use simple letters, like “p”. Because if you set them as global hotkey, it always will fire that player, no matter if mairlist hast the Windows focus or not.
It is better to use combinations, like Uli suggested “strg+p” or keys you usually don’t use, like F1-F12
Especially for player start I’d recommedn to use global hotkeys, because they will always work, no matter what Window you have clicked before or even if mAirlist is minimized and not visible.
They will just work always.

What a compliment for mAirList and Torben. ;D

Well, that depends on what you depend to do.

[ul][li]In Assist mode you can simply start the player with the command [tt]PLAYER [x-y] START[/tt] or, as Malte mentioned, [tt]START/STOP, START/FADEOUT[/tt] and so on.[/li]
[li]For Automation purposes it depends whether Automation is active or not: [tt]AUTOMATION 1 PLAY[/tt] …
… and here’s a special note (not only) for you: You can link / chain these commands, separated by a semicolon*
That works for the players in Assist mode just the same, e.g. [tt]PLAYER 1-2 START;PLAYER 1-1 FADEOUT[/tt] ;)[/li][/ul]

In another thread he wrote:

Translation: “That it is not documented, should not mean anything with mAirList”

Ahem… :smiley:

For the rest: Perfect agreement with Malte (shorty.xs); we are absolutely in agreement. His hints are among the best and most helpful.

Regards, Uli