Key assignments

Hi all,

I’m wondering if it is possible to assign keys on a standard computer keyboard, to actions in mAirList. In particular the Voice Track Recorder window in the mAirListDB app.

What I would like to do is assign keys to the Play, Stop, and Fade functions of each track. This would make VT quicker and easier for me.

Yes, just add a “Hotkey” remote in the Remotes section of the config.

There are various commands available to control the VT recorder. Look for the commands with the “VT…” prefix.

I’ve noticed that when I assign a system-wide Hotkeys to, for example, VT PLAYER A START, that only works on the VT in the Playout side of mAirList, and not the Database app.

How do I get key assignments to work in the Database app?

Any reason why key assignments don’t work in Database manager Torben?

Also, I noticed tonight that even when the mAirList play-out was minimised, and I was focused on another windows app, the keys assigned to VT in mAirList, wouldn’t work.

After closing mAirList, the keys where usable again. Odd behaviour.

Haven’t looked into this yet.

Generally, system-wide hotkeys are routed directly into the mAirList application (whether it is in foreground or not), hence the name.

When using keys or shortcuts that you need in other applications as well, you should use local hotkeys.

Ok, thanks Torben. I’ll wait for your reply.

VT commands in the DB app work for me when I check “Enable remote controls in file tagger and database applications” in the config (Misc -> Options).

Ah, ok, that’s no so obvious. Maybe that option should be duplicated in the Remotes section too?

Thanks Torben, I’ll mAirList Tips document I’ve started to compile.

Hi Torben,

I think I’ve spotted a bug with remote keys.

Even though all the remote keys I’ve configured now work in Database management, by doing what you said previously, however the VT Open command doesn’t.

Doesn’t matter what key I assign to it, VT Open doesn’t work in the Playlist tab within Database management app, but clicking on the icon does.

Any thoughts on this one Torben?

I know you’re super busy Torben, but any thoughts on this issue?

It’s ok, seems to have been fixed in the latest snapshot build v2988. Thanks anyway!

Not sure about the VT OPEN command anyway, I think it only works in the playout playlist - should actually be called “PLAYLIST 1 VT OPEN”.

Yeah, it’s not working. I just noticed.

Is there anyway to fix that?

I thought I would report and observation I’ve noticed, since I’ve started to map my iPad Mini 2 via rtpMIDI.

Even though the VT Open function doesn’t work in the Database manager, the VT Cancel function does, closing the VT window as expected.

I just thought that might help in diagnosing the issue.

Try b2989 please.

The point is that VT OPEN must be processed by the main form (and now also the DB window, whatever has focused), while the other “VT …” commands are processed by the VT Recorder window, regardless of how it was opened in the first place. That’s why the SAVE, CANCEL, etc. commands also worked within the DB app.

YES! Works like a charm. Thanks Torben.

I’m also mapping an app called MidiPad on my iPad Mini 2, to commands in mAirList and it is working perfectly. It will make voice tracking so much quicker. I’m soooo pleased.

I will also record a short video (vlog) for my YouTube channel, demonstrating and talking people through how everything works.

Thanks again!