K8055 - mcp23008?

can i use mcp23008 with my k8055?

What is mcp23008?  

A 8-bit port expander that i bought for arduino.

Ah, thank you. Well, the K8055(N) is sporting open collector in- and outputs via ULN2803. Maybe you want to judge for yourself.

I ask because i don’t understand if this can work or not?

But what? What should work with these devices?

Let’s sum it up here: I don’t know. Sorry.

I hope to use the k8055 to controll multiple leds with an extra controller, like MCP23008

But what does this have to do with mAirList as such? Weren’t it wiser to post your question in an arduino-related forum? The K8055’s interface is the said ULN2803, that is all you want to know – what the Arduino does or does not with it is a question for the appropriate experts.

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Would you please explain us how do you want to use it together with mAirList?

Curious: Uli :slightly_smiling_face: