Junger Mix4 to remote mAirList

Hello Guys,

Do you know if by chance we can use a Junger Mix4 mixer to remote mAirlist (including fader movements), using for example SAS protocol ?

Thank you.

Well, their brochure says:
“For remote control purposes the MIX4 is equipped with 8 tally outputs and 6 GPI inputs. Their functions will be set by set-up software.”

So, I think (correct me if I’m wrong, people?) that means you’re looking at using an IO-Warrior or similar to wire up the GPI mixer inputs to mAirList, giving you six ‘functions’ which as it says can be set up on the mixer itself to Do Specific Things.

Without trawling through the entire MIX4 manual it’s difficult to be more specific than that. Do you know any broadcast audio engineers local to you, who could help you?