Jingle schedule problem mAirList 7-beta


I have a few problems when i try to schedule a new playlist:

  1. When i try to increase te penalty in the mini scheduler to separate the music, it also affects the jingles. So when i try to make a better mix of music, it doesn’t insert any jingles anymore.

  2. I recently added a new jingle and now it shedules the jingle for 6 houres between every 2 songs. I think it has somthing to do with the other jingles having a higher overall penalty because they are in the database for quit a while.

Is there any way i can fix these problems myself?

In the screenshot you can see the jingle ‘NACHT NON-STOP - ID 1’ that is sheduled every time.

What are your penalities and separations set to? Very high values don’t make sense most of the time, as they will make all songs “equally bad”.

This has always been the case in mAirList’s scheduler. No changes in v7 in that respect.

If you really want separate penalties for jingles, remember that you can set them on a per-folder basis in the folder properties (right-click folder in the tree).

Thank you for the response,

So this is the problem:
This is the maximum number i can enter

When i apply the settings as shown in the screenshot above, i get a good playlist:

But when i want to separate the tracks more, for lets say 3 days (72 hours):

The playlist looks like this:

I tried the solution you gave me and it looks like it is working, thank you for that!
The only thing is that this is a lot of extra work because i need to go to all separate folders with jingles in it. When i want to change something in the jingle mix, i also need to go over all those folders again.

I have all my jingles categorized as ‘jingles’ so that’s why i thought, maybe it is an idea to make a option to schedule the category ‘jingles’ in a different way instead of a folder.

Thanks for this solution,

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