Jingle on song intro

I got a some jingles i want to use to overlay the next song (songs with ramp set). I have set ramp to all songs that got an intro. So if a song with ramp is selected i want the scheduler to pick one of these jingles. How do i do this? With attributes?

There is currently no way to do it automatically, but it is planned for the future.

Right now you can only do it in the Mix Editor by dragging the jingle over the ramp with the mouse (possibly holding down Ctrl).

Ok. Thanks Torben. Looking forward to it.

Hello, i use ramp on some tracks.
I’m using the cartwall for that.
I put jingles on a default cartwall and some execute command actions for tracks when i want to use a ramp automatically. (CARTWALL 1 START for example…)
Also triggers on each cartwall player to decrease and increase the volume when the ramp is playing.
And it works.

Let’s say that I generate one day of playlist. Is it possible to run a script that overlay tracks witch has ramp set to them? I know there was a script some years ago but that script can’t be used anymore?