iTunes Database error connecting

Hi guys.

I’m trying to add the iTunes Database in mairlist 4.3, But when i specify the path of the current “iTunes Music Library.xml”, the connection fails with the error “Error connecting to iTunes: iTunes: No or invalid Location value:”.

The path to the iTunes xml file is M:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml.

Is there something obvious I’m missing or is this an error in either mairlist or iTunes somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Joe T.

Hi Joe, and welcome to mAirList!

Can I first check that you are specifying both a location of M:\Music\iTunes and a File of iTunes Music Library.xml when you are trying to connect to your iTunes database?

If you have iTunes and mAirList on the same PC, ignore the rest of this paragraph! If you open Windows Explorer on your mAirList computer and then navigate to M:\Music\iTunes, do you see the iTunes Music Library.xml file in that folder or not? It could be that your iTunes and mAirList PCs have different drive mappings (i.e. M: goes to a different location on each PC).

Also, can you please tell us which version of iTunes is shown in its Help, About box? That might affect the ability of mAirList to be able to use it (just a guess on my part!). Could that be a reason, Torben?

Finally, a screen shot of the Config program would also help us diagnose your issue. :wink:

Come back with those answers, Joe, and we’ll do our best to help get you going.


Joe, are you using iTunes Match?

Hi Guys, thanks for your replys!

I can confirm that i am supplying a location of M:\Music\iTunes and a file of iTunes Music Library.xml. They are on the same PC, but all PC’s in the network have the same drives mapped to the same location so that wouldn’t be an issue.

The version of iTunes is, so the newest one I think? And no I’m not using iTunes Match Torben! :-\

I’ve included a screen shot of the Config and the Folder which shows the xml file being there.

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:



The error message means that there is a song in the iTunes database whose location/URL cannot be parsed by mAirList.

iTunes Match can cause this if there are songs which are only in iCloud but not downloaded locally. But there might be other things that may cause this.

Would you mind sending a copy of the iTunes Library.xml file to Or upload it somewhere and e-mail me the link.

Torben you are a genius!

Although I don’t use iTunes Match and it was turned off, iTunes was showing items from my iCloud account in my iTunes library, which it was then saving into the XML file.

To stop the problem I turned it off in the preferences. I’ve attached a screen shot of the button I pressed in case you wish to use it in you documentation for others with the issue. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Joe T!


I came across this issue when revising the code for a future mAirList version (using a different, faster XML library).

The original code dates back to the time where there was no such thing as iCloud or iTunes Match, and all files were supposed to have a proper local filename.

I will check if I can fix the current code quickly.

Joe, I’m delighted this was, as I suspected, a simple fix.

I do appreciate your screenshot, which I’d like to put in the 4.3 manual when I write it: could you please post a copy of it without the blue highlight? That would be very helpful: thanks in advance!


Probably not necessary anymore… I added a fix to the latest snapshot last night. Should now work without that option.

Sorry for the late reply CAD! I’ve added the screen shot to this post just in case you still require it!

Once again Thanks for the help!