Items keep saying they are in deleted subfolders

There is now a new function to delete a folder that contains subfolders.
I did this, but now the music that was in those subfolders continues to indicate that it is still placed in the subfolder. This while the subfolder is no longer visible and the main folder does not exist. If you recreate the main folder and place a subfolder with the same name in it, the music will not be visible again. This makes sense since the folders have been given a different ID number in the database.
Now I would like to ensure that the song information does not show the deleted subfolders. this becomes a chore if it has to be done with towing. is there any possibility to solve this? or is it a bug that if you delete a folder with subfolders, the subfolders remain which should also be deleted?

or is there an easy way (other than by restoring a backup) to make the subfolders visible again so that the music can be removed from them.

Now items are indicated to be in folders which (visibly) do not occur in the database.

maybe someone can help me where to find the folders withing the postgresql database. I suppose when i delete the folders from the database manually, the items won’t be connected to the specific folder wich was used as subfolder for a deleted folder anymore?

Hi, I tested the feature and didn’t experience the same issue…

Every song that has been in a deleted folder was moved to the “unsorted” folder then and disconnected from any other virtual folder.

Just to ask: Were you perhaps working on a remote pc and didn’t update the server’s mAirlist too before you deleted the folders?

You’d definitely need to update both client and server when working with a dB-Server connection…

I cheched the version of mairlist wich was running the db server and indeed it was not updated to the version having that feature yet. so indeed my own fault. But I figured a way out to solve this in a very fast way. So am up and running again…

case solved

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Great it didn’t mess up your station too much :slight_smile:

How did you do that? Might be interesting for further client issues…

It didn’t mess up anything at all !!!
In the past I created folders wich contains items wich shouldn’t be used for scheduling. I deleted the folder ‘no rotation’ wich contained the subfolders with the decenia (and also a note ‘no rotation’) so i could easily trace them when looking at all music items and ordered them by folder names. I just had to move the items again to a desired new folder and it was solved.

This only is possible when having a very clear structure in your database !

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