Is there a way

Right is there a way to do this…

we have all of our music in 1 folder and all of our jingles in another and adverts in another ect.Is there a way when they are added to the mairlist playlist it will change the coulor of themSo what i basicly want is a script that looks were the audio has come from (wich folder) and then coulors them acording when entered into the playlist.


Hi Dan, either of these 2 scripts will help.,2558.0.html,2601.0.html

The first is the work of Charlie and is where I cribbed the coding from in the second link.

With my script (which only adds a colour to the playlist) you need 2 versions one for each colour or add a new line into the script and comment one option out with //.

Load all the jingles into a playlist and then click open/run script, find the script and run. Repeat with music tracks selecting a different colour. Works a treat.

The offering from charlie is much more versatile as all the coding ia already to colour code all audio. It will also let you specify an icon that will appear in the playlist too. So as an example jingles could have a green background and also a red music symbol.

Again load a playlist with all jingles and run the script after removing the // before the colour you wish to set. repeat with the music tracks.

Kind regards Tony