"is not a valid integer value"


Since today I have this SQL error “is not a valid integer value”, when dragging items into the unsorted directory.
I created a new directory to circumvent the problem, but the directory unsorted can’t be removed.
What could be the cause of the problem and possible resolve?


  • what has changed in your system since the last time (updates?)?
  • what version is installed?
  • is this happening with all files or just with specific ones?

That’s working like intended. mAirList automatically puts all elements in the virtual folder “Unsorted” if they not inherited in a virtual folder. So this is something like the “Virtual” System Folder and can’t be deleted.

Hi Stefan,

Yes, I check for updates now and then.
Now I am on version 7.3.4. It happens with all the files.

But talking of updates. I downgraded to 7.3.3. and the error is gone… everything working as it should be. Something in 7.3.4 doesn’t like the database or is it the other way around?

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Confirmed, will be fixed shortly.


Fixed in build 5643, now uploading.

installed and running fine.
thanks Torben.