IRN / Open & Route Input

Hi All,

Bit of a query. Id basically like to somehow feed IRN into the playout PC, and for it to come out of mAirList. So id like to route a line in from the soundcard, and send it to one of the players/line out’s using mAirList.

Simply but, id like the news to run through our playout software so the presenters know its coming up and are ‘forced’ to play it! (Ill come to the forcing them to play it part later…)

I know that most soundcards have a mute function that prevents the input of the card from feeding the output. Sounds as if that mute function should be on by default and a mAirList commnand should then unmute for a period of time. Personally, I don’t know of a way for that to happen. Would an external switcher be a better choice?

Regards, Alec…

This is reasonably easy IIRC; just can’t remember the details!

Alec is correct: you’d need a Notification script that runs when mAirList starts, to MUTE the LineIn. You then need another two scripts which you run as timed Events; one to un-mute the LineIn, and another to re-mute it.

Note that these scripts depend on how your sound card ‘appears’ to mAirList, so that will be the first thing to figure out.

I’m sure Charlie Davy or Torben will be along in a minute with the proper procedure!


If the soundcard is accessible through the standard Windows Mixer application, the “Mixer” actions in mAirList might be helpful.

That’s pretty much what we do. IRN is connected to Line In on the PC and muted all of the time.

Between IRN’s build up and the bulletin starting the Line In is un-muted by mAirList using a Mixer action, and it then comes out through the PC’s on-board sound card. At the end of the bulletin another action mutes the Line In again.

If mAirList is in AUTO we have it set up to fade the current item, play the news jingle and bring in the news. If it’s in ASSIST we don’t force any action.

Thanks guys!

I thought that would be the best way to go…

My current problem is figuring out how to get the line input to acctually output! Im using Windows XP (SP3) with an mAudio 1010LT!

That mute function is probably inaccessible in the Windows sounds mixer. You’ll probably need to use the mute function on the M-Audio control panel itself.

Regards, Alec…

If you meant ‘muting,’ Alec, that’s something that’s done in a mAirList script.

If you meant ‘routing,’ (i.e. ‘connect’ LineIn to an output), one would have to check the 1010LT manual.

[ a quick surf later … ]

OK, the manual is here:

First, you would set the input signal level to +4dB, -4dB, or -10dB (page 14) and then use the faders on the Hardware Settings page of the Windows ‘Delta’ Control Panel app. to set the actual input level. Then, use the Patchbay/Router page to connect the desired input pair direct to one of the output pairs (page 22). I’d recommend if at all possible that you dedicate an output pair to this use: don’t ‘share’ it with (say) a mAirList Player.

Simples >squeak!<