Invalid float error

I’m desperate, I have a Sunday program and every Sunday from 6 to 12 this program runs. see error in the attachment, this happened in some hours between 6 and 12. Then it’s just quiet for an hour. Anyone have any idea why this is? I have nothing special in this prigrama, and everything runs smoothly with hourly templates, music templates and transition templates throughout the week. Nothing strange or different in this program but still things go wrong here.

Can you please let us know, the exact mAirlist Build number, you are using?
Probably also interesting, what Database Backend are you using?

my version is 6.2.3 build 4138
iam using the standard mairlist DB, database.mldb

Can you upgrade to Version 6.2.5 or even the latest Snapshot Build 4156? And double check if it still occures?
These Builds have some fixes around the local database.
Just to make sure we’re not searching a problem that was already fixed in one of these builds.

can I upgrade without losing things?

Usually it should not have any effect but as always with computers: Always Backup, before you upgrade.
The Configuration tool offers an option to export the configuration and also to re-import at the same place.

Or you can just get a copy of your configuration folder. mAirlist does not store any information in any weired places. It is all centralized in the config folder under “%programdata%\mairlist\6.2”
Any Version like 6.3 for example will have it’s own folder next to the older version and both can exist and operated next to each other for smooth upgrading.
Any minor upgrade like 6.2.3 to 6.2.5 can handle the exact same configrations.

It is a good practice to open the Configuration after upgrading, double check if anything has changed (at least most important settings like audio devices) and save, before launching the playout again.

EDIT: Within the same minor Version it’s not an upgrade it’s an update.

If the error persists, please try to generate the playlist from the DB app GUI. You should receive the same error, but in a dialog with a Details button from where you can send a bug report.

Hello Torbert, that is just the strange thing, if I generate the playlists of these hours manually, then it will be fine. By the system it wil give at some hours of this sunday program between 6 - 12 o clock in the morning this float error.

I have also another strange thing, when i open the configuration of the database en check the storages i have 2 storages, but if i check the config of the database i have 3 redirect storages. When i click on retreive storages, the third storage is been gone. When i close the screen and check it again it is back. maybe this also has something to do with the float error?

I have also done the update of mairlist