Interaction Mair - Axia IQ

Hello all, does anybody uses a script to enable a fader on a axia IQ mixer? I would like to be able to switch a channel on or off by script.

I’ve got a reply from Telos. Maybe Torben understands what he says … (or I’m getting to old and tiered) …

You can activate a channel using GPIO, some automation software (direct commands from Livewire partners), or using Pathfinder, but there’s not a command we can provide that you can send via a script.

If you have an automation system with an IP driver, you could possibly send a virtual GPO closure to the Livewire channel that is on that channel.

Torben is this possible with the version 5?


Hello @kris,

Torben is not available at the moment. The answer may take some time.

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Hello all, still hoping on a reply on this question. Kris

Torben’s absence lasted longer than originally planned is currently still up to date.

I’m still trying to find a way to cut audio to an input on my mixer so the next path was the usb K8055 module (just hard wire the audio input to a relais and do it that way. Seems that this module is no longer on the market. Does it replacement WSI8055 work with version 5 of Mairlist?

Kind regards, Kris