Instrumental option


I’ve just been tagging some tunes and have had a thought…

Would it be possible to add into the PFL dialogue box a little tick box which you select if a track is an instrumental?

Then, in the ramp column, instead of displaying the number of seconds for the ramp it could display the letters INS or something along those lines…

At least then you know when nothing is displayed that it isn’t a file that hasn’t been tagged and so that it doesnt have the whole duration of the track set as the ramp, as that just seems odd!

Just a thought…


I write ‘instrumental’ in the comments field.

Yes, i have done that before, the only thing then is that you have to have the pane extended to see the comments and most of the time, i end up with reference numbers in this area so don’t really want to have to have it extended as it will fill my window up with numbers everywhere.

i think it makes more sense to have it in the RAMP column as that is the place you would generally look before starting a record - so it is good for quick reference…?