Install multiple instances error

I am trying to install multiple licences for 4 instances. I have created a folders for each instance in the ProgramData directory, but i am getting this error message when trying to install licences. I haven’t changed folder permissions, I just went with default creation of folders. I am using Win 10 Home.
What can I do? I have tried to manually copy licence files to instance folders, but without any luck…

Thanks in advance

I solved the problem by entering the same path for default Data folder and licences folder in multiple instances settings:

Actually you could just use “Default license folder” empty, and it will use the “Default data folder”.

For the actual instances, my advise is to not put them under C:\ProgramData but use some folder like C:\mAirList for them. So you can access them easier in Explorer.

I have now moved the downloaded licence file to c:\mairlist and add that path as Default licences folder in Multi Instance Manager settings and it works great.

I had problem when I didn’t had anything as Default Licences Folder and licence was in c:\programdata\mairlist\6.1\