Inserting News stream

I’ve come across a problem which has left me totally confused.
I would like to insert streams to the playlist for the news bulletins we get from FSN. When I use the option to insert the stream I enter the URL as requested, but when it plays it seems to skip very fast to the end (i.e. it plays 1 second bits and skips through a 3 min bulletin in about 10 seconds…)
Am not sure what the problem is…any help would be appreciated.

I assume it’s ? I got the same, but I had to do this a few year’s ago but with Raduga - it worked perfectly, it played from the web-server with no problems (aside from FSN’s dismal audio levelling!). Unless Torben has a secret way of referencing a web file as a local file then you may have to have an FTP batch running to pull down the file every few hours.

Yeah, that’s the one…
As you said, it plays perfectly outside mairlist, even in pfl mode it skips through less of the file than in normal play.

Thanks for the advice.

BASS.DLL does support this, but I haven’t found the time to implement it yet.