Inserting jingles in playlist

Hello to all of you guys!

Is it possible to have the option to insert jingles into a playlist that follows the transition rules or some other way, just like Torben added the Insert Advertising for us in DB…?

Thank you!

Any possible solution for this?

Philosophical excursion: What makes the difference between a jingle and a music title? Well, other than the icon associated there is none. So mAirList-internally the same rules and relations apply whether you deal with jingles or with titles.

What you will want to think up are catchy categories for your jingles and fit them into rules the mini-scheduler will be happy to apply.

Theoretically spoken. Or I got you totally wrong.

As I understand it, you want to apply a transition rule from the templates to a manually created playlist.
Is that correct?

In my opinion, that makes little sense. Then you can schedule the corresponding jingles etc. yourself. In addition, you know best where moderation should take place (that would also have an impact on the placement of the transition elements).

Therefore I see the solution either in a completely automatic creation of the playlist based on a corresponding hour template with subsequent manual improvement or rather everything by hand.

Hello to both of you!

So, we get our playlist in .txt files generated by some rules and pre-settings. And we “copy-paste” it to mAirlist for broadcast.

A few month ago, Dr. Torben gave us the possibility to write manual playlist and to insert advertisement in them.

Thants why I was wondering is it possible to make the same for jingles in playlist. But as times goes away I’m seeing that its manualy solved with selecting few jingles and add them to playlist, or to leave it to the host in that hour.

I will send Torben a link to this thread so he can answer on your last post (sorry, I (and: we?) didn’t know that).

Which is generally a good idea, to my opinion.

Every scheduling software should be able to plan jingles too. When you schedule outside of mAirlist, why wouldn’t you plan jingles externally too? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face: