Insert after current item

Hi Torben,

When I click on SHIFT+enter in the browser, it’s okay only if I had previously selected an item in the playlist.

For example, if you load mAirlist, you don’t select any item in the playlist… if you click on SHIFT+ENTER on a file in the browser, the item is inserted at the end of the playlist, and not after the item which is being played…

Is it a bug ?

I don’t think it’s a bug. Shift+Enter inserts (obviously, I couldn’t tell right now) behind the currently selected item. If you hadn’t selected anything, it defaults to the end of the playlist. Do you think “behind the currently playing item” is a better default value?

It’s not what I see Torben.

Ctrl+ enter inserts before the current selected item. And Shift + enter inserts right after the current playing item (not link to the selected item)…but shift + enter, if no item is selected, whereas there is no link between both, inserts at the end of the playlist instead of inserting after the playing item.

I’ll have a look.