Info on mAirlist 4.2.2

i am sorry in advance but i got to get this off my chest, perhaps im missing something but this is driving me insane.
i can not find a manual for mAirlist 4.2.2
the most simple tasks as enabling a stream encoder, connecting to my icecast server, starting logging and catching track info seems to be a mind numbing task without the even simplest explanation of fields and options within the mAirlist configuration.

at one point it works, then i restart it and logging just refuses to send track info, the error log does not show anything useful.
and i cant seem to find a way to turn logging on and off via a command within the events manager.

seriously, a simple manual for the software would be helpful, every time i use Google to find info about an issue, i end up with a not very helpfull German manual, or similar problems and solutions on the German forum.

can someone point me in the direction on some more info, a manual or something similar?

Thanks in advance,

The manual hasn’t been updated for v4.x yet.

You can find a very comprehensive manual for v3 in the support section of the website which should help you out for the moment. The basics haven’t changed. Feel free to ask questions for things that are not covered.