Incorect Tags

Hi. I just downloaded mAirList to test it and now I see that the tags are not correct. “AC/DC” shows up as “AC, DC”. Is there a way to fix this without changing the tags inside the program, because I have many songs that have a / in it.

  • What file type is it?
    mp3, mp2, FLAC, ALAC, aac, wav, AIFF …?

  • Have you checked how the tag looks like in mp3tag or foobar2000?

Sorry, found this:

Had no idea of this before. However, you can mark all those titles and correct them via “mass tagging” at once.

but everytime I import them again, they will change back to AC, DC (and every other title that has a / in it). So a complete solution would be better then just tag them back to normal. ^^

And yes: They are mp3 and correctly tagged.

I also found this here: 2.0.10: / character in Artist truncates text

Since v2.x (2007!) many things have changed in mAirList, but have you read the answer?

Let’s talk about v6.x, okay?

Usually you use mAirlist with a database (the local mAirListDB, by example). By changing those entries you can change it in the database without changing the ID-tag. So t’s no longer an import. :wink:

I will have to check it on my test system later; I must admit not having AC/DC on my productive playout system… :flushed: