Improvements for the Database application

Here are some feature requests / improvement suggestions I have specifically for the Database application:

  • [withdrawn] Adding items to folders with ctrl+drag and with mass edit
    It is very easy now to move items across folders by just dragging them, but if you want items to be in more then one folder at the same time the only option is to open every single one of these items separately to click the checkmark for that specific folder. More logical and intuitive would be to add items to a folder instead of moving them from one folder to another if you push the ctrl button while dragging items.
    Additionally it would come in very handy too if you could add/move/remove from/to folders in the mass edit.

  • Advanced filtering in mini scheduler
    Currently the only filtering on attributes that is possible when selecting music for the mini scheduler is one certain value, not a certain value (with ! character) and starting with a certain value (with ~ character). When you have for example an attribute “rating” with a value between 0 and 10, you can’t ask for all items with a rating above for example 6. I understood that writing a sort of SQL language to interpret values with >, <, = and maybe also IN() would be a lot of work. But I think there is a much easier solution to this. Just make the number of filters unlimited so that you can make more then 1 filter per attribute, just add as many as you like. Subsequently make it so that every different attribute is interpreted as “AND” logic (as it is now), but if you add different filters of the same attribute, make it “OR” logic. So translated to SQL this would result into something like “(tempo = ‘Fast’) AND (rating = ‘7’ OR rating = ‘8’ OR rating = ‘9’ OR rating = ‘10’)” for example. Much easier to implement I think but it makes it a lot more powerfull.

  • Make a row in a music template block definition more visible
    An extra column with the number of items this folder contains with the filters applied would be very helpfull, and/or if possible also the possibility to get a list of all the items.

  • Just as there are “artist relations”: title relations
    We have several songs that have different versions, for example in a different languages. These should be linked to eachother in the same way as artist relations work. For example when Arlo Guthrie’s “The City Of New Orleans” is played, it is considered the same song as Joe Dassin’s “Salut Les Amoureux”.

  • Column selection in Reports
    The possibility to check certain columns on or off in both the Library tab and the Playlist tab is perfect, but I miss this same option for the Reports tab.

  • Extended filtering in library
    Except for selecting a certain folder or typing a search string it is not possible to filter in the library. It would be helpfull if searching could be done in 3 or 4 fields and per field the possibility to control in what fields to look for the search string. The default could be “all” like it is now, but you could also search for “English” in the attribute “Language” and for “Slow” in the attribute “Tempo” then, to get all slows sung in English for example.

  • Extra possibilities to separate songs in the mini scheduler
    The possibility there currently is for the mini scheduler to separate based on the track, artist and title is very good, but I would suggest to change this into an unlimited number of rows for separation. That way you can also separate on for example gender/group so that you don’t get 5 songs of a female singer after eachother, on tempo so that you don’t get more slows after eachother or on genre so that you don’t get all reggae songs in a row, and so on… An extra step could be a field where you can fill in a certain value so that you can set separation for for example English songs differently then for songs sung in another language because there are obviously more English songs on every mainstream radiostation then any other language.

That’s it for now :slight_smile:

I’ve been working about a month with mAirList now and have been very busy with preparing everything for our station to start using it on air from september on. I absolutely love how the software works, especially the possibility to write your own scripts makes it very powerfull.

The above is what I still miss at this point. I hope it can be helpfull for other people too and of course any comments and/or additions are more then welcome!

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Well, this is one of the possibilities, but…

… they are copied instead of being moved. Did you try it?
In my database (local mAirListDB) it works. :wink:

Whahaha OMG… :astonished:
Yes I tried it before but I never saw a + sign appear so I didn’t try to let go of my mouse button… I feal a bit stupid now :rofl:

I can’t edit my first post anymore else I would remove the part or strike it trough, sorry :blush:

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