Imported file title is cutted in database

We’re new in this software. Can someone tell me how to fix the problem with imported files. Once we import our show file , on the title we can see only limited number of symbols… Thank you.

When you import files, mAirList looks for existing tags. Otherwise it uses the filename as a “artist - title” info.
It seems there is already a tag within your file. You can see that by going trough its properties in Windows, or reading the tag(s) in many applications. I can recommend TagScanner, which is one among hundreds of others !
Try to change the content of the tag with whatever suits you and reimport your file.
One last word : you can of course modify the title within mAirList, but I’m sure you already know that :wink:

Thank you for your replay. I found the problem. It was wave lab. Once I render file, wave lab use 25-30 first symbols of file name for tag, removed this feature and problem is solved :slight_smile:

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