Import DB from RadioDJ

Hello !
I didn’t see any topic concerning my request…
I’m really considering buying mAirList since I’m switching my mixer to a D&R Airlite (it seems that integration with mAirList is great, impressive).
I’m currently using RadioDJ and I have a lot of songs and jingles with cue points (hooks (in and out), intro, next and stop). I don’t really want to make it all over again.

Is it possible to import RadioDJ database to mAirList (just for the songs, events and settings would be re done by myself) ?
It’s a MySQL database…

By advance, thanks for the answer !

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Should be possible. Can you create a MySQL dump and send it to

I sent you the mail.
It’s a dump executed through the RadioDJ database manager (with the “backup” fonctions") but if it’s not enough I could send you a backup made with HeidiSQL or anything else.

Thanks, managed to load it into my MySQL server. The table structure is pretty straightforward, except for the very strange way in which the cue points are stored. But other developers will probably say the same about my xmldata trick in mAirListDB :slight_smile:

Anyway, converting the entire database with all aspects will probably be a bit too complicated. But it should probably be enough to have the list of songs with all of their attributes and cue points, right?

Okay, songs’ attributes as you said and cue points are just what I want.

There are .wfrm files along songs in their folders if we choose to backup cue points in ID3 of tracks. It’s a sort of backup in case of a DB crash. I can also send you one if you want.

I’m coming for news !
Did you achieve transfer cue points ?
That just what I want, really; I don’t need more.

Yes, please send one of those .wrfm files. Might be easier than the SQL import.

Thanks. Looks like some strange kind of binary file :frowning: You don’t happen to have any information about the structure, do you?

No… But I asked on the RadioDJ forum just now.
Tried to open it with Notepad++ without success too…
It’s 4096 octets, maybe that could be a starting point…
Is SQL import too complicated ?

When I have an answer I’ll tell you.

Thanks you for paying attention to my request !

Okay, it seems that they don’t want to answer this question (answers are not showing how WFRM files are made).
I’ve found this:
Maybe it’ll help (I don’t know) ?

EDIT: I’ve found this too:
EDIT 2: here is an example how cue points are implemented in file tags (MusicIP PUID):
Sta for start, int for intro, hin for hook in, hou for hook out, xta for next start, end for… end ? and fou I don’t know

Ok, so the cue points are also stored in the ID3 tags? Can you send me a sample audio file so I can have a look? And what about the other formats (WAV, AAC, etc.) - do they have a similar tag?

Generally, I am looking for a conversion method that can be applied by the user (you) on his own in a simple manner. It would be very easy for me to write a Perl script etc. that reads the SQL and creates a CSV file from it to be imported into mAirList. But I’m afraid the majority of the mAirList users don’t know how to use Perl scripts…

My first idea was to write an SQL query that creates the CSV file (MySQL can create CSV files!). But the problem is the way that the cue markers are stored in the RadioDJ database. It’s in the same format that you mentioned, a single SQL column, with one long string with the values separated by the “&” character. It’s near impossible to write an SQL query that splits this into separate columns.

So right now I see two possible solutions:

  1. Add support for reading the RadioDJ-style MuscIP tags.

  2. Write a mAirList script that access the MySQL database directly, parses the cue markers, and updates the records in the mAirListDB.

Torben achieved to make it working (he sent me a mail).
Thank you very much !

From now, how does it work ? What have I to do if I want to import my songs in mAirList ?

Great to see how helpful Torben is. Respect!

@Pops, from now on, you can follow the instructions in the mAirList Wiki, tutorial “Get started with mAirList DB” .

Just wanted to know how the RadioDJ import would be implemented.

Once more, thanks Torben. You’ve all of my respects.

Just tested now.
It works really well !
You’re awesome.

Shoud I set the topic “solved” ? If yes, how to do that ?

I don’t think this forum has that kind of function. Just leave it as it is :slight_smile:

I am trying to insert additional songs in Radiodj, but I get no error and the songs are not in the database. I tried to insert folders and by individual song title without success. Am I doing something wrong?