Icons Not Saving

Custom Icon files (bmp or jpg) are not being stored via Tag or MMD (global folder). The MMD shows a lot of funny characters in the Image field - consistent with it actually storing the image rather than a reference, so something’s up ;(

I would have assume a path/filename reference would have been easier - I’ve created some jingle / voice / spot etc icons and if I ever need to change them, it’d be easier if each MMD pointed to that particular file, in my case: “C:\Program Files\mAirList\Icons\jingle.jpg” or whatever it may be.

I also cannot get the icon_dummy.png to work as I don’t know the folder it should be in - certainly not the main mAirList folder, unless I’ve missed something (yet again) ;-))

You are right, the icons are saved as data, not as reference to an external file. The advantage is that the reference can’t get lost when moving the items to a different computer. I will consider adding the option to save a reference to an image file instead.

And yes, there is a bug in the loading mechanism, which will be fixed in v2.1.19.